Photo of Professionals at Sullivan Law Office, PLLC
Photo of Professionals at Sullivan Law Office, PLLC

DUI/DWI Defense That Protects Your Rights In Northern Idaho

There are no upsides to a conviction for drunk driving. Whether you’re “Sunday driving,” navigating North Idaho in an 18-wheeler for your job or unsteadily making your way home after a party — to attempt any of that in an altered state you risk DUI penalties such as driver’s license revocation, jail or prison terms, heavy fines, and other collateral consequences.

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, whether you are a first-offense DUI or repeat offender, you need an experienced, exceptional DUI defense attorney in your corner who knows the law, knows those who enforce and adjudicate it, and know how to get results.

In Coeur d’Alene and Kootenai County, those skilled, strategic lawyers are Joseph Sullivan and Luke Crawford.

They take charge of your case and pursues it in great detail, with questions such as:

  • Why were you stopped?
  • Did you admit to drinking or using drugs?
  • Did you perform or refuse to submit to a standardized field sobriety test?
  • Did you provide or refuse a breath, blood or urine sample?
  • Were you involved in a crash?
  • Were you seriously injured or hospitalized? Are you currently under a doctor’s care?
  • When did you eat and sleep last before you were arrested?
  • Were you advised of your rights by the arresting officer?

Expect to be asked questions like these during your free initial consultation with our team.

Meantime, you need to act and act fast. You only have seven days from the date of service on your Notice of Suspension to appeal the automatic license suspension (ALS) from the Idaho Transportation Department or request a Refusal Hearing.

Arrested For Drunk Driving? Facing Felony Charges? Your Concerns Are Our Priority.

As an Attorney and former State Trooper, Joseph Sullivan has been involved in thousands of DUI investigations, prosecutions, and defense cases. Putting your DUI arrest in the past is about more than just giving you an attentive, aggressive legal defense. It’s about making sure you understand everything about your case and achieving the best possible outcome. Let us put our experience to work for you, starting today. The Sullivan Law Office, PLLC, is available by phone seven days a week and evenings.

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