Photo of Professionals at Sullivan Law Office, PLLC
Photo of Professionals at Sullivan Law Office, PLLC

Commercial Driver’s License Suspensions

If you travel professionally in or through North Idaho as a commercial motor vehicle operator — and you have been stopped by law enforcement for suspicion of drunk driving — you know how precious your CDL is to you. It’s your livelihood. It allows you to do your job, so you can provide for your family.

If your CDL has come under attack after a DUI arrest, your rights and legal ability to drive for your living must be protected by an experienced DUI/DWI defense attorney.

If your plead guilty to or are found guilty of DUI, or if you are suspended for failing or refusing to take a breath test, the Idaho Transportation Department will disqualify your CDL for one year, even for a first offense, and even if you weren’t operating a commercial motor vehicle at the time of arrest.

Former State Trooper and skilled DUI defense lawyer, Joseph Sullivan established his Sullivan Law Office, PLLC, law firm to help hardworking people just like you. He uses his expertise, as a former law enforcement officer and defense attorney, to safeguard your interests and put you back on the road.

Arrested For DUI While Driving Professionally In North Idaho? Your Concern Is Our Priority.

Joseph Sullivan excels at representation for CDL suspension clients in state and out of state in these practice areas:

If you live in, or simply travelled through, North Idaho and are facing DUI charges, Joseph Sullivan provides attentive, aggressive representation that is local, timely, and effective. You need this kind of advocacy behind you if your rights and driving privileges are to be protected.

Your free initial consultation with Joseph Sullivan in Coeur d’Alene can be scheduled right now — by phone at 208-714-0890 or online by email message.